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xivo-ctid-ng: is_caller is sometimes wrong

Given I am logged in an application
When I call *10
Then I see that I have an incoming call (field is_caller in xivo-ctid-ng /calls)

Expected: I see that I have an outgoing call

Quickfix: Add WAZO_CHANNEL_DIRECTION=to-wazo in every dialplan entry points

Better fix: Do not set WAZO_CHANNEL_DIRECTION=to-wazo everywhere in dialplan and use:
is_caller = (channel exten is not empty) OR (WAZO_CHANNEL_DIRECTION is to-wazo)

Callee channels do not run dialplan thus do not have channel extensions.
However, if caller and callee are originated into Stasis, they both have no extension, so they need a variable to set the direction.





Sébastien Duthil