Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 19.13 - HTML format


  • [WAZO-829] - Document the setup to work productively as a backend developer


  • [WAZO-68] - CDR timezone
  • [WAZO-993] - provd: config deletable field is ignored (default registrar)
  • [WAZO-1005] - Provisionning Directory link no good
  • [WAZO-1018] - Push mobile is sent when multiple pjsip contacts are registered
  • [WAZO-1021] - push mobile leaks cels with no call_log_id
  • [WAZO-1022] - The contextinclude include column was not renamed to remove spaces
  • [WAZO-1032] - wazo-provd: Web application cannot read Location header


  • [WAZO-581] - List latest call log per contact
  • [WAZO-892] - only fetch events from wazo-headers exchange
  • [WAZO-1016] - confd: Add Authorize Subnets Directory configuration route


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