Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 19.15 - HTML format


  • [WAZO-931] - system do not support xivo-auth-client and wazo-auth-client installed in parallel
  • [WAZO-1030] - Asterisk crash when transfering a call by API
  • [WAZO-1157] - Presential is not accurate when hangup a hold call
  • [WAZO-1160] - Reverse lookup still uses context name for the profile
  • [WAZO-1174] - fix the name of wazo-agid home


  • [WAZO-816] - Impossible create two trunk with same username
  • [WAZO-1042] - By default, *8xxxx interception is not active in the engine
  • [WAZO-1065] - report CDR from wazo-sip-router to DB
  • [WAZO-1067] - RTPEngine : handle RTP flows => define configuration
  • [WAZO-1075] - As an end user, I should not able to intercep a call except if I have rights to do it
  • [WAZO-1112] - Allow changing phonebook IP address configuration
  • [WAZO-1159] - Manage normalization for incoming and outgoing SIP INVITE from C4 point of view
  • [WAZO-1162] - Kamailio config : credentials auth from C4 to carrier
  • [WAZO-1163] - Kamailio config : sub-domain auth (authentication of phones requests)
  • [WAZO-1164] - Kamailio config : IP auth (authentication of IPBX)
  • [WAZO-1165] - Kamailio config : IP auth (authentication of carrier trunk)
  • [WAZO-1166] - Kamailio config : Authenticate SIP request from registred IPBX
  • [WAZO-1168] - Kamailio config : handle RTPE management
  • [WAZO-1225] - wazo-router-confd : create an entry point for auth request from kamailio


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