Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 19.17 - HTML format



  • [WAZO-1321] - /users/me/calls is empty neither there is an incoming call
  • [WAZO-1328] - RefreshTokenCreatedEvent is published when a refresh token is re-used
  • [WAZO-1329] - agent skill are ignored after association
  • [WAZO-1343] - add the ability to hide fields from some queries in the log files
  • [WAZO-1348] - monit produce traceback when monitoring disk space
  • [WAZO-1362] - Default registration configuration does not try to re-register after a fail
  • [WAZO-1363] - internal service user lose its acl after upgrade
  • [WAZO-1367] - Hanging up a call from a group containing many members results in high wazo-auth CPU usage
  • [WAZO-1368] - presence initialization timeout to request users
  • [WAZO-1371] - wazo-chatd presence init fail when non-pbx user has refresh token


  • [WAZO-580] - Get contact information from UUID
  • [WAZO-1063] - wazo-sip-router : get config from wazo-router-confd
  • [WAZO-1080] - Google Contact - Receive only "real" contact
  • [WAZO-1170] - Service discovery : RTPE integration
  • [WAZO-1191] - phoned: implement Babel
  • [WAZO-1269] - Get list of available SIP Routers and take care of changes
  • [WAZO-1270] - Get list of available RTPE and take care of changes
  • [WAZO-1300] - Optimize C4 Docker Images
  • [WAZO-1310] - Improve a customer's default ACL. He can not create a user for his tenants
  • [WAZO-1339] - Add a new field to detect instance accessible from private versus public network
  • [WAZO-1359] - add a way to modify modules.conf
  • [WAZO-1379] - wazo-ansible: Install Wazo Platform development version by default


  • [WAZO-1111] - phoned: migrate phone plugins from dird
  • [WAZO-1182] - Dahdi not installed by default
  • [WAZO-1276] - C4 HA : POC deployment and test
  • [WAZO-1281] - Demo C4 HA
  • [WAZO-1341] - Missing CORS header Wazo-Tenant
  • [WAZO-1357] - Upgrade Asterisk to 16.6.2
  • [WAZO-1361] - websocketd: fixup acl checker
  • [WAZO-1364] - Avoid receiving ami.# bus events in websocketd

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