Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 20.01 - HTML format



  • [WAZO-1097] - Language Asterisk File - Conference
  • [WAZO-1197] - confd: deleting user does not update users device with function keys pointing to it
  • [WAZO-1403] - Voicemail destination ignore the greeting option
  • [WAZO-1407] - 7912 ring when getting paged
  • [WAZO-1408] - wazo-user are left in the DB when an error during a POST while importing users in confd
  • [WAZO-1431] - trustrpid conversion in confgend
  • [WAZO-1441] - The queue form in wazo-ui does no display the queue's fallbacks
  • [WAZO-1445] - The name of a voicemail gets changed when it gets associated to a user
  • [WAZO-1449] - applications: creating a snoop can fail if the snoop channel does not enter stasis before getting added to the snoop bridge
  • [WAZO-1456] - websocket traceback with amqp headers


  • [WAZO-999] - As a songbird user, I want to know which contact and group I can intercep calls
  • [WAZO-1094] - Improve switchboard reactivity - Answer Incoming Call
  • [WAZO-1266] - RTPE cluster configuration
  • [WAZO-1330] - API trunk status
  • [WAZO-1331] - API Users status
  • [WAZO-1386] - Provide a benchmark tool chain for developers


  • [WAZO-1113] - clean buster
  • [WAZO-1179] - wazo-router-confd : change fk's id to uuid
  • [WAZO-1268] - HA tests development - All elements
  • [WAZO-1405] - Allow wazo-calld to be started standalone (without asterisk)
  • [WAZO-1427] - switch default consul protocol to HTTP instead HTTPS
  • [WAZO-1429] - xivo-lib-rest-client: don't load extension many times
  • [WAZO-1436] - improve performance of GET /users (add missing joinedload)
  • [WAZO-1451] - Upgrade to Asterisk 16.7.0

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