Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 20.03 - HTML format


  • [WAZO-838] - BLFs previously handled by ctid do not work
  • [WAZO-913] - Reset password do not send the good link - email - bis
  • [WAZO-1098] - Audio Message in Voicemail
  • [WAZO-1374] - Yealink v84: dial delay is too long
  • [WAZO-1435] - Dialplan not generated when IVR sound files are not ascii
  • [WAZO-1446] - Yealink provisionning : activate UDP ping if the endpoint is behind nat
  • [WAZO-1453] - Fix aastra plugin installation
  • [WAZO-1454] - wazo-confd: User import can set subscription type
  • [WAZO-1477] - Refresh token for websocket doesn't seems works correctly
  • [WAZO-1478] - Change IP in INVITE when NAT=Yes
  • [WAZO-1579] - Asterisk fails to start after an upgrade that includes Debian 10.3
  • [WAZO-1599] - Originating a call to a user with mobile does not play the ringback tone


  • [WAZO-1575] - wazo-calld: send call_answered event when a call is answered
  • [WAZO-1580] - Add a resource to fetch the PJSIP documentation
  • [WAZO-1594] - wazo-calld: ring all lines of a user on POST /calls


  • [WAZO-1249] - Add acceptance tests about user presential
  • [WAZO-1337] - Do not show incoming call when relocate a call
  • [WAZO-1469] - Remove asterisk patch when it will be in upstream
  • [WAZO-1537] - Rename xivo-keyring to wazo-archive-keyring
  • [WAZO-1571] - Upgrade to Asterisk 16.8.0
  • [WAZO-1593] - Rename wazo-archive-keyring in wazo-keyring
  • [WAZO-1601] - Remove push Answer and push Hangup from webhookd

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