Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 20.09 - HTML format


  • [WAZO-1631] - increase asterisk process priority
  • [WAZO-1808] - wazo-dird: POST /sources of type wazo: inconsistent default values
  • [WAZO-1818] - Unable to change wazo-provd listen address/port from API
  • [WAZO-1823] - API Documentation - Menu is lost when scrolling in Google Chrome
  • [WAZO-1825] - reverse proxy strip query string for MOH/sounds endpoints
  • [WAZO-1830] - Error 500 when passing setup on slow host
  • [WAZO-1836] - error when calling from IAX/Custom trunk


  • [WAZO-1785] - wazo-websocketd: client detection of websocket is disconnection
  • [WAZO-1832] - Push mobile notification: include `call_id` of the targeted call


  • [WAZO-1788] - use systemd poststart to check if port is openned
  • [WAZO-1803] - use reverse proxy for wazo-provd embedded swagger
  • [WAZO-1812] - wazo-chatd: use HTTP instead HTTPS by default
  • [WAZO-1813] - wazo-setupd: use HTTP instead HTTPS by default
  • [WAZO-1814] - wazo-plugind: use HTTP instead HTTPS by default
  • [WAZO-1815] - wazo-websocketd: use WS instead WSS by default
  • [WAZO-1820] - wazo-provd: use HTTP instead HTTPS by default
  • [WAZO-1828] - remove default connection close for python client


  • [WAZO-1654] - Kick start documentation guidelines
  • [WAZO-1701] - Wrong link in documentation

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