Release Notes - Wazo Platform - Version 20.13 - HTML format


  • [WAZO-1938] - Full Installation documentation for WazoPBX on Proxmox Virtualization software (with SuiteCRM as well)


  • [WAZO-1460] - confd: deleting a group when a function key pointing to it causes integrity error
  • [WAZO-1632] - dropdown show duplicate choices for PJSIP options
  • [WAZO-1819] - The Office365 dird plugin fails to return result on missing column
  • [WAZO-1829] - Push CallerID Unknown
  • [WAZO-1897] - Allow to edit templates key for PJSIP endpoints
  • [WAZO-1898] - keep template order to generate sip
  • [WAZO-1902] - confd: deleting a user when a function key is pointing to it causes an integrity error
  • [WAZO-1935] - Adhoc conference should not be able to reinvite a participant into the same conference
  • [WAZO-1940] - error 500 when typo in wazo-chatd query string presence request
  • [WAZO-1946] - Adhoc conference: missing events for user
  • [WAZO-1955] - Adhoc conference: participant sees talking to himself (sometimes)
  • [WAZO-1961] - wazo-chatd returns 404 on listing presence with unknown uuid
  • [WAZO-1962] - wazo-calld: call answered with push-notification on mobile app does not hangup both parties
  • [WAZO-1966] - trunk with host != dynamic does not generate the aor contact
  • [WAZO-1967] - dtls_cert_file and dtls_private_key should be removed
  • [WAZO-1968] - trunks with registrations are not migrated
  • [WAZO-1972] - WAZO-CONFD - Templates generated from the cronjob don't have transports
  • [WAZO-1975] - wazo-chatd: presences are not initialized after machine reboot
  • [WAZO-1983] - Schedule | Timezone
  • [WAZO-1985] - The global trunk endpoint sip template adds a registration section
  • [WAZO-1987] - trunk have been migrated with an auth section
  • [WAZO-1988] - The SIP to PJSIP migration made all trunks inherit the twilio config
  • [WAZO-1989] - wazo-confgen asterisk/pjsip.conf takes insanely too long
  • [WAZO-1997] - API return null queue_label on GET confd/1.1/incalls


  • [WAZO-1417] - develop a new API based on PJSIP configuration
  • [WAZO-1418] - develop templates (SIP Phone, Trunks, WebRTC …) according to new PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1686] - Modify endpoints/sip for the PJSIP configuration
  • [WAZO-1874] - Auto-creation of "general", "webrtc", "trunk", ... templates when adding a tenant using new PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1875] - Adapt Wazo UI with new PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1881] - Show status in calld with new PJSIP APIs
  • [WAZO-1904] - As an application, I need to know if a call is Audio or Video
  • [WAZO-1936] - wazo-calld: include line information with calls
  • [WAZO-1957] - wazo-auth: Add negative ACL
  • [WAZO-1958] - wazo-auth: Single group containing all users of a tenant
  • [WAZO-1959] - wazo-auth: Automatically add policies to all users of future tenants
  • [WAZO-1960] - wazo-auth: check a token for multiple scopes in one HTTP request
  • [WAZO-1965] - add a query parameter to GET a SIP endpoint with all of it's templates merged
  • [WAZO-1970] - Add label name on trunk listing
  • [WAZO-1971] - PJSIP - Add default endpoint template for webrtc with video
  • [WAZO-1978] - Add global settings and review menu in Wazo-ui
  • [WAZO-1982] - Add extensions members to a group on wazo-ui


  • [WAZO-1876] - PJSIP Configuration template in wazo UI
  • [WAZO-1877] - Associate PJSIP templates to lines in wazo UI
  • [WAZO-1878] - Modify the line types in wazo UI
  • [WAZO-1879] - Associate PJSIP template to a trunk
  • [WAZO-1882] - Show line status in calld with new PJSIP APIs
  • [WAZO-1883] - Show trunk status in calld with new PJSIP APIs


  • [WAZO-1419] - modify installation process according to new PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1420] - develop migration script for instance using the “old way” PJSIP
  • [WAZO-1421] - modify acceptance tests according to new PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1776] - split line/trunk endpoint logic for wazo-confd plugins
  • [WAZO-1873] - avoid name collision in endpoints with new PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1880] - Adapt confgend to use new PJSIP configuration
  • [WAZO-1885] - Validate options by section in PJSIP API
  • [WAZO-1886] - Allow asterisk_id as a NULL value
  • [WAZO-1887] - Allow transport as a NULL value
  • [WAZO-1929] - Adhoc conference refactor
  • [WAZO-1974] - Rename xivo python flask menu packaging to wazo
  • [WAZO-1991] - Ansible: allow extra Debian repo for upgrades

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